Her Lovely hair

I walked the dog in the woods today

And he consecrated the trees
We watched the bounding squirrels at play, 
Crunched the snow in the rustling lees,
And echoed his joyous, belling bay
Down the hollow eternities.
Existential monad swaying
Star imago, molten attire
Lepidoptera unfolding
Metamorphosis, Angel fire
I walked the woods of the world today
The wood of the Ruined Towers
Where night-side trees in their Panic sway
To a lyre of lethal powers
I saw my skull in the disarray
Of Her gorgon-serpent flowers
Diana Archer, Maid of Light
Slayer of the Dragon-Tree
Thy Beauty’s Beast, Thy Serpent Priest
Burst my head, and set me free
Her Arrow coursed the bright sea sands
And found me in my lair:
The universe came apart in my hands
And I pray-said Her lovely hair.

Grady Louis McMurtry
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