The sleeping Beauty

Sleep on, and dream of Heaven awhile 
Tho’ shut so close thy laughing eyes, 
Thy rosy lips still wear a smile 
And move, and breathe delicious sighs! 

Ah, now soft blushes tinge her cheeks 
And mantle o’er her neck of snow: 
Ah, now she murmurs, now she speaks 
What most I wish and fear to know! 

She starts, she trembles, and she weeps! 
Her fair hands folded on her breast: 
And now, how like a saint she sleeps! 
A seraph in the realms of rest! 

Sleep on secure! Above controul 
Thy thoughts belong to Heaven and thee: 
And may the secret of thy soul 
Remain within its sanctuary! 

By Samuel Rogers ( 1763-1855)

‎*photography by Ellen Rogers

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