The Master Healer

Chemical symbol: Au
Atomic number: 79

Gold has been considered the king of metals since the beginning of time and its healing powers have been known since prehistoric times. Gold’s lack of toxicity and its scientific properties of incredible malleability and ability to conduct energy, while remaining resistant to wear and corrosion, make it highly useful for Medical Science.

Gold is the metal of the Sun – the supreme deity of the ancients – and it still holds that place in the hierarchy of metals and their magickal properties. Not least because Gold is said to reflect and show the inner beauty of those that wear it.

 The magical healing powers of Gold have been known about since prehistoric man walked the Earth. It stimulates both the skeletal and circulatory systems as well as being extensively used in matters relating to the skin. 

Jewellery made from gold is said to bring pain relief, especially from arthritic or inflammation discomfort.

The magical properties of Gold are used extensively in Wealth Spellcraft and for attracting the best of fortunes. It symbolises wealth and fortune and Gold magick is therefore also employed to increase confidence and self esteem, as well as the wealth of increased wisdom, understanding and the power from within.

 Next to that Gold strengthens the veins and bones and this metal can bring much relief for those that suffer from arthritis and gout. But also diseases of the veins, the heart and skin will ameliorate when Gold is worn. Gold may also be used in treating eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and boulemia nervosa, but also people that suffer from binges should wear a piece of Gold. Gold opens the third eye and crown chakra, and this metal also shows off the inner beauty of its wearer. In magic Gold may be used to attract healing, power, wisdom, money and success. This metal also has protective properties and this is why it may be worn as a talisman. Gold has been linked over the millennia with everything to do with health, wealth, and growth. On another level, it is about the flow towards accomplishment.

Gold spurs the regeneration of neurotransmitters in both lobes of the brain and creates a balance of brain function between creative and logical thought. It also benefits the nerves with its ability to improve the flow of information through the body.

In the world of spiritual healing, Gold has the emotional power to ease tension, feelings of inferiority, an anger as well as encouraging the realization of one’s potential and bringing comfort. Gold is intimately liked with divinity, particularly with any gods associated with the sun.

Throughout the ages, where gold was found or obtained through trade it was often the material of choice for fashioning sacred images and decorating altars. It was considered to be one of the highest offerings to the deities.

Wearing gold during your everyday life increases your personal power, thus promoting courage, confidence and Will power.

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