“Money being the fourth great power, what are the other three?
Come, come, you can surely do that in your head….”


Four’s Tetragrammaton, isn’t it? Very well, then! The First Great Power is Yod, the Father. Fire, the Wand, the Flame of Creative Genius.
The Second is Hç, the Mother, Water, the Cup, the Sea to which all things tend; it is the gift of pleasing, of absorbing, of drawing all things to oneself.
The Third is Vau, the Son, the Sword, the moving, penetrating element, double in nature. For it is intellect, but also the result of Genius absorbed, interpreted, transmuted and applied through the virtue of the Cup to expand, to explain, to bring into conscious existence.
And the Fourth is the Hè final, the Daughter, Earth, the Disk, Pantacle, or Coin – the Coin on which is stamped the effigy of the Word that begat it with the aid of the other forms of Energy. It is the Princess of the Tarot of whom it is written: “Great indeed is her power when thus firmly established.” 
It is a trite, and not quite true, saying that money can buy nothing worth having. But it can command service, the real measure of power, and leisure; without these two advantages the most brilliant genius is practically paralysed. It can do much to secure health, or to restore it. The truth is that money is only troublesome when one begins to count it.
Aleister Crowley
“Magick Without Tears” – Chapter LV: Money
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