Sexual Water

I am here, watching, listening,
with half of my soul at sea and
half of my soul on land,
and with both halves of my soul
I watch the world.

And even if I close my eyes and cover my 
heart over entirely, I see the monotonous
water falling in big monotonous drops.
It is like a hurricane of gelatin, like a
waterfall of sperm and sea anemones.
I see a clouded rainbow hurrying.
I see its water moving over my bones.
Sexual Water (Agua Sexual)
Pablo Neruda
tr. by James Wright

“The desire of man is that somber waters of death may become the waters of life, that death and its cold embrace may be the maternal bosom, just as the sea, which, although it swallows up the sun, gives it new birth in its depths. Life has never been able to believe in Death.”

Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961)
“Symbols of Transformation”

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