Return to the Primal Womb

A hush, silent and beautiful
Settles within my mind as
The darkness seeps through and
Envelops my body like a stagnant fog
So earthy and pure

Gentle is the icy cold abyss that
Feels like home
A cavernous sanctuary

The scent of Earth’s death
Stirs my senses
My being trembles as the
Craving to reach the cool soil’s decay
Fills my feverish essence

The poignant stench of
Moist, rotting leaves and dying vegetation
Carries me to the edge of insanity as
I claw at the proverbial embankment
That surrounds my blackened soul

The union!
Oh the lust of being one with the Earth!

To crawl bare,
Naked and exposed through the damp sediment as
Life’s clay clings to my torrid flesh

The dank atmosphere like a
Fragrant reminder that
Brings forth a hidden awareness that
Only those that truly understand can possess

Laying in the raw
Feeling the mildewed ground
Form a musty cavity in which
I surrender myself to All
Is where you will find me
Within my grave of peaceful restoration

Copyright© 2012 Babalonshi

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