The three daughters of Máhtáráhkká

According to the Nordic and Western Russian Sami legends Radien-Attje, or Jubmel, is the highest God. He is the ruler of the universe and the creator of every human soul. His wife Radien-Akka, or Máhtáráhkká (Maderakka, Mother Akka) and their son Radien-Pardne is the highest trinity of the Sami pantheon. Máhtáráhkká, the name of the great Mother Goddess means «The primal Mother» or «The great Grandmother» (Akka).

From his father, Radien-Pardne is given the power to create new life on earth, and from the land of Sáivu, where the unborn souls live and where the dead souls returns, he sends the souls to his three sisters Sáhráhkká, Juksáhkká and Uksáhkká to create the human child. The bear is Radien-Pardnes dog when he walks the earth.

Sáhráhkká («The first mother» – the Sami equivalent of Venus) is the protector of the pregnant women. She is the Goddess of fertility, menstruation, love, sexuality, pregnancy and childbirth. She is the first to receive the human soul from Radien-Pardne, her brother. Sáhráhkká is a spin goddess who lives beneath the fire place. She creates the bodies of babies in her own body and puts them into the wombs of women so they become pregnant. All babies that Sáhráhkká puts in a womans womb are girls.

Juksáhkká, Sáhráhkkás sister, is the goddess who lives beneath the back of the tent or house, behind the fire place. She decides wheather the unborn baby will become a girl or change to a boy. Juksáhkká is often pictured carrying a bow and an arrow and she is the guide of boys to grow up to become good hunters.

Uksáhkká, the third sister, is a goddess who lives beneath the door. She looks after the newborn baby, protecting it from ills and keeping it safe. Uksáhkká is especially present when the child start to walk.

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