Thor in Helheim

The story you´re about to hear,
May well incredible appear:

Through caverns drear they move on slow,
Which seem to lengthen as they go.
Pale shadows flit along; they hear
The rustling sound of waters near

At length a massive gate they reach
Two grisly fantoms there kept watch:
One seem´d a female, one a male
Their furrow´d cheeks were deadly pale

At length an opening towards the north
They find, and ´gainst it struggle forth
To where the roof describes an arch,
And forms a vestibule, they march
This vestibule to a vast hall
Conducts them, where they now behold
The wretches deaf to honour´s call
Whom Helheim´s bars imprison´d hold

Under the vaulted roof, behold!
A throne appears, but not of gold,
Silver, or ivory, this throne
Was built of human sculls alone.
Thereon sat Hela, fell to view:
Her skin a chalky hue reveal´d,
Down from the girdle; livid blue
Above it seem´d from blood congeal´d

Outtakes from
“Gods of the North”
Canto III – Thor in Helheim
An Epic poem by
Adam (1779 – 1850)

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