For such is the law of waves

Savitri DeviWhile living, apparently, as “modern” men and women, – using electric fans and electric irons, telephones and trains, and aeroplanes, when they can afford it, – they nourish in their hearts a deep contempt for the childish conceit and bloated hopes of our age, and for the various recipes for “saving, mankind,” which zealous philosophers and politicians thrust into circulation. They know that nothing can “save mankind,” for mankind is reaching the end of its present cycle. The wave that carried it, for so mane millenniums, is about to break, with all the fury of acquired speed, and to merge once more into the depth of the unchanging Ocean of undifferentiated existence. It will rise; again, some day, with abrupt majesty, for such is the law of waves. But in the meantime nothing can be done to stop it.

Savitri Devi (1905 – 1982)

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