A tale of being fucked and found

Candida Felts

Coming In Fast and Hard
(A tale of being fucked and found)
Copyright ©, Candida Felts 2014

Crammed down your throat
Drilled into your psyche
How the fuck are you
So much like me
Two souls conceived and born of fire
Thrown into a life of
Wanton lust and blind rage
Burning hatred and twisted desire
Raised in chaos
Taught well to fight
A walk alone in the abyss
Void of any true light
Promises of salvation
Spewed forth and broken
Brutal heart break and certain neglect
Nameless and countless tragedies unspoken
“We’ll help you” they said
Stand by your side
A religious pat on the back to
Satisfy filthy greed and selfish pride
Can you handle me?
Can you deal?
Can you swallow
What I feel?
Reaching out with open arms
Ready to cradle your love
Anticipating your sudden recoil and
Even a forceful shove
A pair of lost and angry misfits
Weathered, battered and worn
Lean on me and I on you
A hole in the fabric of the Universe torn
Minds dangerously warped and violently slain open
Spirits and hearts tempered and forged of steel
Coming in fast and hard
Now it’s about to get very real

Copyright©, Candida Felts 2014


“Sharing a most compelling glimpse of her very soul, first time author, Candida Felts puts forth a collection of poetry inspired solely by her life’s events and experiences that takes you on a journey unlike any other. Born and raised in rural North Dakota, there she still resides with her husband and four children, although her imagination and soul have always wandered far and wide. Plunging the depths of pure, raw emotion, she now dares you to follow.”



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