October eves

the wind is rising
and the air is wild with leaves
We have had our summer evenings
now for October eves!

Humbert Wolfe
(1885 – 1940)


Humbert Wolfe was born in Milan, Italy, and came from a Jewish family background. His father, Martin Wolff, being of German descent and his mother, Consuela, Italian. He was one of the most popular British authors of the 1920s. and was also a translator of Heinrich Heine.

His career was in the Civil Service, beginning in the Board of Trade and then in the Ministry of Labour. By 1940 he had a position of high responsibility. His work was recognised with a CBE and then a CB.

Wolfe said, in an interview with Twentieth Century Authors, that he was “of no political creed, except that his general view is that money and its possessors should be abolished”. (Wikipedia)

External link: Celebrating Humbert Wolfe

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