Slowly turning into you

I’m slowly turning into you, but you don’t know this; I told the truth
You say I’m lying and I never really tell you the truth
But your face is getting older, so put your head on my shoulder
Yeah, put your head on my shoulder
Yesterday it hit me that I do all the little things that you do
Except the same little things that you do are annoying
They’re annoying as Hell, in fact; it kinda struck a little bell, in fact
I like to keep my little shell intact
And I’m slowly turning into you

Then something else came to mind that was the mirror; it made
everything clearer. That you’re more beautiful, compelling and stronger; it didn’t take much longer. Just for me to realize I love all the little things and the beauty that they’re gonna bring. I dig your little laugh, and I’m lovin’ your quick wit; I even love it when you’re faking it. And it might sound a little strange for me to say to you, but I’m proud to be you 🙂

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