There is yet hope for us
The sun has not set
On the age of man.

The sun has not set
On the age of man.

We may yet find what is lost,
Rekindle the dying embers,
Renew the earth once more;

Turn tarmac into grass,
Concrete into trees,
Hard metal to soft brown earth;

Pain into joy,
Tears into laughter
And death into life.

Luke Eastwood
“Through The Cracks In The Pavement The Wilderness Grows”

Luke Eastwood is originally from Aberdeen, Scotland but has lived in Ireland since 1999. He has studied Druidry for over fifteen years, spending seven years of that time working through the three grades with OBOD. He is also facilitator of Solas Nemed (a grove in Co. Wexford) since 2004, an Archdruid of Druid Clan of Dana (part of Fellowship of Isis) and a lay member of Ord Na Druí. Luke is a Reiki practitioner, author of several books and also works as a horticulturist. Since 2008 he has organised Éigse Spiorad Ceilteach (Gathering of Celtic Spirituality) every August in Co. Wicklow and he also co-founded, and still runs, the Irish Druid Network website. Luke has performed handfastings and baby naming ceremonies on many occasions and is available as a celebrant for all rites of passage. He also teaches Druidry to individuals or groups and has been a Mentor for OBOD Bardic students since 2012. 

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