And the summer became the fall
I was not ready for the winter
It makes no difference at all
‘Cause I wear boots all summer long

Probably, in my own way, this is probably my most intense song. What happened with this song is we were on the Wild Heart tour in 1984, or something like that. Joe Walsh was opening for me and we became friends and I was very uptight about something that was going on and I don’t even remember what it was now. But Joe felt it was important in the scheme of our lives to tell me a story that would make me rise above all of it. And, so we were in Denver, and we rented a Jeep and he drove me to Boulder and told me the story on the way of a little girl that was killed in an accident one morning on her way to nursery school in Boulder. And he drove me to this park and, I know he was going to show me something that was going to freak me out because I was already totally upset by the time we got to Boulder, and we walked across this park and there was this little silver drinking fountain and it said: “To Emma Kristen – for all those who can’t or aren’t big enough to get a drink.” Something about this story touched me so deeply that I went home to Phoenix. I got out of the car, walked into the front entry way where my piano is, and I sat down and wrote this song in about 5 minutes.”

Stevie Nicks

Nightbird” is a 1983 song by the American singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks, written by Nicks with Sandy Stewart. It was the third single from her second solo album, The Wild Heart. The song peaked at No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached No. 32 spot on the Billboard Top Rock Tracks chart. The song also reached No. 39 on the U.S. Adult Contemporary Chart. It was a continuation of Edge of Seventeen In 1983, Nicks told an interviewer at MTV that “Nightbird” was her favorite song from the new album. (Wikipedia)

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