God Damn That Noise Inside My Head

God Damn That Noise Inside My Head

Visions as violent as violent can be
Blood running down through me
All in my head
As death watches over me
Not physical
An emotional demise
The very kind I despise
The confusion
Bled dry to the very core
From something so alive and bright before
Extremes of severity harm my soul
Even if spiritually a lesson to all
Living in Geburah becomes a curse
Not on the tree at all even worse
Where should I be
That’s a secret to me

Walking on Luna before its time
When Judgment is yelling at me all the time
My feet never firmly planted on the ground
Always cycling I have found
That’s the hardest
When the heart felt bound
All four quarters all around
As Above So Below
No longer in the know
The answers hidden deep within
Whilst learning to grapple without
I no longer scream and shout
I bleed dry I bleed right out
I will find perpetual intelligence
I will follow the Sun
When all is said and done
Helios you are one to light my spark
In order to ground foundation hark
The balances of my ascending force will overcome
As when the time is right
It will be Luna Light
Star so bright
Back home where I belong

©2020. Dorn Simon
Authors note: “NB. The image above has The Emporer and The Star card in the ‘other’ formation – therefore switch them out to know what it’s about!”

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