Black crosses

Black crosses

in white snow

stooped in rain, awry.

Here came the dead

over the thorny moor

with their crosses

over their shoulders

and laid them by

and went to rest

under each icy tussock.


Olav H. Hauge

(1908 – 1994)


“Leaf-Huts and Snow-Houses”

(translated by Robin Fulton)

Olav Håkonson Hauge (18 August 1908 – 23 May 1994) was a Norwegian poet. He was born in Ulvik and lived his whole life there, working as a gardener in his own orchard. Aside from writing his own poems, he was internationally oriented, and translated poems by Alfred Tennyson, William Butler Yeats, Robert Browning, Bertolt Brecht and Robert Bly to Norwegian.
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